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A Complete Picture of working as an IES Officer?

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If you are an engineer and dream to change the face of the nation by contributing towards its development, then joining as the IES officer is the right role. However, to join as the UPSC IES officer you need to undergo the entrance test conducted at the national level. The IES (Indian Engineering Service) exam isn't that easy and requires a good amount of practice in different syllabus. Quite similar to ESE abbreviated as Engineering Service Examination, the job role is quite respectable but also demanding at the same time.

Once you get the IES exam date, you need to start preparing with handy syllabus and practice papers. You also need to keep in the mind that there are approx 500 vacancies available in IES branch:

·       Civil Engineering

·       Mechanical Engineering

·       Telecommunication and Electronics Engineering

·       Electrical Engineering

As an IES engineer, you are expected to perform certain duties required for the betterment of the nation. You need to carry that confidence to work with the team and showcase that skill. Some of the advantages of working as UPSC IES officer are:

·       Meeting the President of India

Your journey as an IES officer begins with a positive note by receiving the letter from the President of India. You will be undergoing the training program before the induction period. On the completion of the training, you will be eligible to meet the President of India at his residence to get the encouragement. This is certainly the big thing you will have in your life when you become the IES officer

·       Royal Treatment

Since you will be working for the central government under the UPSC department, the training session is a royal treatment. You may be asked to join the team in different cities or states provided with all the stay and food. Moreover, once you become IES, you will be getting to visit places under the expense of the government.

·       Complete Job Security

You are paid well when you get the post of IES officer. The first payment is around Rs 57,000/- including all the expenses. This also includes the HRA, TA, Medical bills, and PF. Moreover, if you are living in another city or state, your kid's education will be covered marginally. So overall, your family and your expenses are covered when working as the IES officer.

·       Good working Environment

Since you are working for the government, you will be eligible to get multiple public holidays. You won't be having much of the stressful life. There are many government holidays you can enjoy, so you will be able to spend time with your family and stay in posh hotels.

·       Challenging career

Even though you are working for the central government and there won't be much of a stress, when working as an IES officer, there is no assurance of the same two days. Work may not be repetitive and everyday will be new challenges that you may come across. However, these challenges can also bring promotion and the period may vary according to the department. In every three years, you will be getting raised in terms of post or payout, completely depending on your performance.

·       Lot of Respect

As you will be holding the most prestigious job position under the UPSC for the central government, there will be a lot of respect you will be getting. For an individual this is certainly the most vital part of the profession. Who doesn’t like to get respect, especially when working for the central government?

With all these benefits, one cannot deny the fact that an IES officer job is the most promising one. Individual will certainly have a life changing experience.

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